Optimi ry is the student organization of the University of Eastern Finland for economics students in Joensuu campus. Optimi has been established in 2002. Our aim is to take care of the interests of our members. Furthermore, to improve the study environment and education of business and economics here at our campus and nationally in collaboration with other student organizations. Most importantly we work closely with UEF Business School in order to ensure the high quality of teaching. For our members we want to offer the best environment possible to study and build a communal student organization in which you can exchange ideas, learn from each other and create lifelong memories and friendships.

Optimi offers a wide range of activities from sports to parties and case-evenings at our partner companies. In other words, our goal is to combine business and pleasure. Working together with local businesses and the city of Joensuu Optimi gives great opportunities for its members to connect with the business world. We are active community and we work closely both with student organizations in our campus and other business and economics student organizations in Finland. We have been trying to design our event schedule so that it could serve the needs of all our members. The season starts in September when the freshmen arrives and it ends to the celebration of the First of May ‘Vappu’, the biggest celebration of the year for students. You can find more information of our events from our website, Instagram and Facebook (@optimiry).

Exchange students are also a big part of our community and we are creating more international events every year. We work together with Joensuu ESN and we are hoping to see wonderful collaboration here in Joensuu, North-Karelia. Exchange students are warmly welcome to our events. Make sure that you remember to follow us in social media and get the latest info on upcoming events.

If you have questions regarding the events, please get in touch with the secretary or your own tutor.


Nina Vänskä/Secretary 2024
+358 442042412


Tutors for exchange students 2023:

Anni Hassinen
+358 443379092

Kaija Kinnunen
+358 500755010

Loviisa Löytynoja
+358 442046006